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‘Links in a Chain’ Podcast launched to help people take steps to tackle the plastics challenge

  • February 26, 2021
  • By Amy Richardson

Links in a Chain is a brand new podcast drawn directly from, or inspired by, interviews with researchers from the University of Hull’s Plastics Collaboratory.  It is designed to immerse listeners in the complexity of the problems associated with the overuse of plastics in contemporary society and help us discover steps we can all take to help the environment.

Links in a Chain image showing plastic on the beach

The podcast was created from verbatim interview materials, drawn from individual researchers, edited and collaged alongside specially written new material.

‘Creating this Podcast during the COVID-19 pandemic, and working in isolation during lockdown, we were all reminded how reliant we currently all are on plastic to keep us safe. Rather than demonising plastic per se, however, we all wanted to think more intensively about how considered and sustained changes to our own individual behaviours could help to eliminate unnecessary plastic from our lives; how we could put pressure on organisations to remove what plastic is not essential; and how we might encourage policy makers to incentivise businesses to create a genuinely circular plastics economy - one based on recycling as the norm and on the development of safe, biodegradable polymers.’
Dr Christian Billing

A creative team was established specifically for the Links in a Chain project, including Producer, International award-winning documentary-maker, composer, radio producer and journalist Hana Walker-Brown and:

Writer – Lecturer in Writing for Performance, University of Leeds Campbell Edinborough

Dramaturg – University of Hull Reader in Drama and Director of Research for the School of the Arts, Christian Billing

Composer – University of Hull PhD Student, James Rushworth

As you listen, we want you to reflect on what steps you might take, as an individual, to contribute to overcoming one of the most serious environmental challenges of our time.

The text has been voiced by actors. Links in a Chain was produced in Spain and the UK (under lockdown) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The podcast was made with support from the University of Hull and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Listen to the podcast HERE. For the full immersive experience, we recommend using headphones!

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